Seashell Energy Inc.

Waste To Energy

Waste is not end Product,
it is a Raw Material for Another Product

Seashell Energy is the agent for China Oil HBP Group in Egypt. Seashell Energy is authorized to present HBP’s capabilities to Egyptian Oil and gas companies where HBP can provide its services and equipment. Our products and services have been used in onshore and offshore oil and gas fields in China, and widely used in nearly 50 oil fields in more than 30 oil producing countries worldwide. Among them, HBP and Seashell Energy take the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and South Asia as the core international markets, and regional management centers have been set up in the UAE, Kazakhstan, and Africa.

Tank Cleaning , Desluding & Oil Waste to Revenue stream
Residue discharge
Reactor module
Switch and control cabinet
Condensers set
Onboard generator