Seashell Energy Inc.

Waste To Energy Project

Together with our international partners we are managing & treating the wastes for several Oil operations sectors including Oil Refineries & E&P Operation Blocks.

We are able to provide services for the development of sustainable waste treatment solutions for offshore and onshore industry and municipal applications using proprietary treatment technologies, equipment and chemicals.

Adopt solutions to meet more stringent regulations and political/public expectations.

Apply unique and proven technologies for treatment and disposal of environmentally unfriendly waste products:
– Oil & gas waste streams with applications for slop, mud and cuttings.
– Oily port waste with applications for bio-reactor.
– Treatment of municipal waste

Value creation by changing and improving from traditional inefficient treatment technologies, equipment and chemicals including methods.

Compact treatment unit and environmentally friendly chemicals for the treatment and re-use of fracking wastewater, completion fluids, produced water and any other industrial wastewater.

Environmentally friendly chemicals to destabilise the drilling fluids, oil-based mud and water-based mud allowing for the gravitational separation of the three different main elements water/brine, oil and solids.

Chemical solutions to treat completion fluids onsite for re-use.

ALL current projects “3 projects” are under technology selection stage.