Seashell Energy Inc.

Oilfield Supplies

Seashell Energy is the agent for China Oil HBP Group in Egypt. Seashell Energy is authorized to present HBP’s capabilities to Egyptian Oil and gas companies where HBP can provide its services and equipment. Our products and services have been used in onshore and offshore oil and gas fields in China, and widely used in nearly 50 oil fields in more than 30 oil producing countries worldwide. Among them, HBP and Seashell Energy take the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and South Asia as the core international markets, and regional management centers have been set up in the UAE, Kazakhstan, and Africa.

As oil industry is our core business, we extend our business through partnerships with well reputed companies in this field. We represent the agent of KERUI oil and gas company in Egypt. KERUI Petroleum & Gas is an international comprehensive industrial group committed to making the extraction of oil and gas more efficient, providing customers one-stop solutions including R&D of high-end oil and gas equipment, oil and gas energy engineering and oil field integration services, industry + internet platform services. Taking the full advantages of equipment, technology, services, talents and platforms, and multi-field business models development, KERUI Petroleum & Gas is upgrading from solutions providing to a win-win eco-industrial chain.

Gas Generator and Power Plant
1900 kw natural gas generating set
Gas Generator 3.5 MW With Two Years Warranty
300kw,50hz gas generating set for oilfield and power station
Gas Generator 500kw With Two Years Warranty
Gas Generator 1.2MW With Two Years Warranty
Landfill gas power plant
Bio-gas Power Plant

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LNG storage , refilling and CNG Transportation Trailer and Container
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