Seashell Energy Inc.

Message From CEO

As an international company, Seashell Energy Inc. since its inception in 2006, has been committed to meeting ever growing green economy and, accordingly, has given full play to its investments not only in the petroleum operations & supply-, but also in sector – green & renewable energy-, as well as mining sector – promotion & exploration- enabling it therefore to corporate governance and acquire hydrocarbon, mineral and/or natural resources/blocks and jointly develop with partners upside potential.

As the outcome of constant and strenuous effort, Seashell Energy Inc. has achieved rapid growth and has involved in delivering a wide range of small & large scale projects and services in E&P, energy optimization, mining, geothermal energy, international trading, and petroleum energy sector – consultancy services.

Looking toward to the future, Seashell Energy Inc. will keep a global perspective in pursuing mutually beneficial cooperation, sharing with partners in the benefits of development and working together for a better future.