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SeaShell Energy Inc.

Optimize your heavy oil recovery with our in-situ Heating Technology combined with any Artificial Lift Installed.
Lower upfront Capex & Opex compared to traditional methods. Environmentally conscious practices with reduced water consumption with No Heat Loss.
Tailored solutions based on reservoir characteristics.

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SeaShell Energy Inc.

In the dynamic landscape of the oil and gas industry, strong partnerships are the bedrock upon which innovation

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SeaShell Energy Inc.

Our team comprises some of the most dedicated, innovative, and skilled professionals in the industry

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SeaShell Energy Inc.

Electric submersible pumps 272-319 series

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Lessening the Fossil, Furnishing it Green!
SeaShell Energy Inc.

SeaShell Energy Inc. is a MENA-focused, international company involved not only in oil&gas industry, but also engaged in mining and green & renewable energy exploration and production services and projects.


Our Partners

Our Partners

Message From The CEO

Energy is the cornerstone, the lifeline of a nation’s economy.

As an international company, Seashell Energy Inc. since its inception in 2006, has been committed to meeting ever growing green economy and, accordingly, has given full play to its investments not only in the petroleum operations & supply-, but also in sector – green & renewable energy-, as well as mining sector – promotion & exploration- enabling it therefore to corporate governance and acquire hydrocarbon, mineral and/or natural resources/blocks and jointly develop with partners upside potential.

Seashell Energy Inc.

Our Services

We managed to draw investments in a wide range of energy disciplines to provide a comprehensive suite of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon services.

Seashell Energy Services is the technical service arm of Seashell Energy Inc. and is located in Cairo, Egypt. Recently, Seashell Energy has gained the agencies of some international companies as akron holding, hbp, and kerui.
Seashell Energy Inc.

Recent Projects

Waste To Energy Project

We are able to provide services for the development of sustainable waste treatment solutions for…

ANSAN WIKFS Gold Project

Adwait area -,Serakoit – Gabatilo Concession, Sudan. This mining Project aims for the Production of…

Seashell Energy Inc.

Seashell Energy is a MENA-focused, international company incorporated in Dubai, UAE involved not only in oil & gas, but also engaged in mining and green & renewable energy exploration and production services and projects.

We have investment partnerships and collaborations with several international companies involved in hydrocarbon, mining, and green energy projects. Through our network of local associates and international partners companies, we emphasize local experience combined with a global knowledge-base.

Our Vision

Our vision is not only to become the premier oilfield services in the Middle East region, but also in the international business. Our vision is always there to guide us.

Safety & Quality Policy

The management of Seashell Energy is committed to the prevailing global and local requirements and specifications and global legislation for providing..

Our Teamwork

We always seek to provide the very best services to you by emphasizing teamwork strategy – not just within our own workers, but also alongside our clients.